Printer Pärra EN

Got home printer.

On October 29, I had thought about buying a 3D printer for a while.


So I made the decision to call an advertisement on a printer that was located near where I live. I was lucky with this then the person who sold it would go to Falköping which is 15km from Floby where I live. Said and done, we were heard on the phone and decided that we would meet in Falköping to do business.

First setup.


Some pictures of how I had the printer in my office / workroom.


Under construction



Raspberry Pi 3.


On the following page, I will tell you how my trip with Raspberry Pi is proceeding.


Under construction




Here I show what I've done for updates on my printer.


Under construction



CoreXY construction.


On the following page, I will tell you about building a CoreXY printer that I have drawn myself and started building.



Auto Bed Leveling.


Here's my trip to get ABL to work on my printer. Many gray hair before I finished.


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